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Welcome to H&H Trailers®!
When your livelihood depends on a reliable trailer, choose a company and trailer you can trust for top quality and strength that outlasts. Whether you’re a landscaper, contractor, farmer or power sports junkie, you can find an H&H trailer suitable to meet your personal and professional needs. Visit an authorized dealer today and find out why an H&H is right for you! 

tools.pngDiverse Product Lines

Engineered to be the best pulling, longest lasting trailers on the market, H&H offers the widest selection of standard or custom models.  Choose from utility, flatbed, tiltbed, dump box, and hi-deck open models, or select from several lines of enclosed cargo trailers.  No matter what you choose, H&H has what you want and what you need…Trailers for every need and every budget!


Service is the foundation behind H&H and our trailers.  Providing you service from all aspects, whether it’s helping you find the trailer most suitable for your needs, or fixing a trailer problem, is paramount to the brands success.  Our team of knowledgeable staff and dealers are available to help answer all your questions, and to help you choose a trailer that meets your needs, but exceeds your expectations. 


As the manufacturer, H&H utilizes a network of authorized dealers in the US and Canada to sell H&H trailers and parts.  Please visit our Dealer Locator, to find the authorized dealers nearest you who can help you find the trailer most suitable to meet your needs.



Steel Open

Built with full steel construction, H&H steel models will shine against the competition. Choose from utility, flatbed, tilt bed, dump box, and hi-deck trailers with industry leading features such as treated wood floors, full DOT compliant lighting, wiring harnesses (some models will have wiring enclosed in conduit), fender rock guards, radial tires, ramps and ramp gates.  Need more than just standard?  No problem, H&H options list will allow you to customize your trailer to meet your specific hauling needs. 


Aluminum Open

Less weight than steel and just as dependable, H&H aluminum models give you the opportunity to haul with ease.  From utility trailers to car haulers, tilt beds and deck-over style, these trailers are low maintenance and long lasting.  Full LED lighting gives H&H aluminums a look like no other.  There are also many options available like aluminum plank  flooring, suspension upgrades, all aluminum dovetail, and  bi-fold ramp gates, to name a few.   Pick an H&H aluminum, pick style, pick the best.    


Steel Enclosed

H&H Cargo, best known for its unmatched strength and seamless look, has been bringing the industry enclosed cargos like none other. The H&H TOPLINE ® series sets the bar for standard features to include full tubular steel construction, Posi-VentTM system, tongue and rear bulkhead coated with spray-on bed liner, smooth rivetless .040 aluminum exterior walls, RV style door, and full LED lighting with Slimline LED taillights. Or, choose a more moderate or entry level trailer from our HH FT & RT Series models.  With more than 500 custom options, you can haul your H&H with confidence and style. 

***IMPORTANT Safety Recall Notice on Aluminum Utility Trailers**        Click Here to Learn if Your Trailer has been Affected